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Boards and Committees 

Note: a number of committees may have vacancies at any given time, and a variety of residents' talents are welcomed. Applications are collected centrally and made available to the appointing authority, which varies by committee. 

Elected Committees: (see Elected Town Officials page for a list of all officials elected by the voters)

Committees Appointed by the Town Moderator:

Committees Appointed by the Town Manager:

Committees Appointed by the Board of Selectmen:

*Standing Committee


Citizen participation in local government has been a strong tradition in Lexington since the day a few residents convened a meeting on the Battle Green on a matter of some urgency in 1775.  They brought with them their concern and commitment to this community.  The minutes tell us that meeting ended rather violently.  Fortunately, that has not deterred future generations from coming forward to share their talents to enhance the quality of life in Lexington.

The need for citizen participation is, if anything, greater than it was in 1775.  Our society and town government has grown increasingly complex.  New and difficult social, technical, and economic issues arise daily.  The responsibility for policy-making and overall administration of the town and its departments, agencies, and institutions is vested in its elected officials:  the Selectmen, School Committee, Planning Board, Housing Authority and Town Meeting.  The job of running the town and its institutions on a day-to-day basis is delegated to the Town Manager, the School Superintendent, and the town employees and officials who work with them.

Elected officials and town employees provide the time, energy, knowledge, and talent needed to keep Lexington functioning.  Creative employees consistently work to provide innovative services to the town.  Volunteer citizens expand the resources beyond employees that are necessary to implement these quality services.  They also provide unique insight into what services should be provided to the community and how we can improve the delivery of service.

Lexington is privileged to have citizens with expertise in multiple fields.  Please share your knowledge with us by joining a committee.  Membership on a committee requires work and commitment but is also a rewarding experience.  It offers an opportunity to participate in town affairs, to help shape policy, to work with interesting people, and to assist in the growth and prosperity of the Town.

This document is part of an effort to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the experience of serving on a citizen board.  A brief outline of the structure and function of the major non-elective boards and committees is provided.  A sample Application Form is included in this document.  Applications may also be obtained on the town website:  www.lexingtonma.gov  or in the Selectmen's or Town Manager's offices.  Completed applications should be returned, with an attached resume, to the appointing office.  Applications are kept on file and are reviewed as openings occur.

The information in this document as to committee composition and meeting times is accurate as of publication.  We look forward to your participation as we work together to build our unique community.


Joseph N. Pato, Chairman
Peter C.J. Kelley
Norman P. Cohen
Michelle L. Ciccolo
Suzanne E. Barry
November 2014


Criteria for appointment to Town committees was originally developed by an Appointment Criteria Committee (ACC) in 1977.   The intent is to help focus on those qualities and characteristics in committee members that will facilitate the important and necessary work the committees do. 

Over the years, there has been some updating of those general criteria.  Most recently, in recognition of the fact that many people wish to contribute to the community because they work in town, are non-resident taxpayers, and the like, the Board of Selectmen changed the criteria to eliminate the residency requirement from service on most Boards and Committees.

The general criteria read as follows:

"People invited to serve the town by becoming members of its important non-elected committees, boards and commissions should:

  • Be people of competence, good will and sound, objective judgment
  • Be drawn from a pool of applicants consisting of residents, taxpayers, and others with a vested interest in the community.
  • Be truly interested in the welfare of Lexington and all its residents
  • Be sensitive to the long-term as well as immediate impact of their decisions and recommendations.
  • Be willing and able to devote the time and energy necessary to fulfill their responsibilities."

Additionally, membership on some committees requires particular expertise.  Check the criteria listed on each committee for more specific criteria that may have been adopted.

Please note some committees have associate members as well as full members.  On those committees typically vacancies to the full committee are filled from the pool of associates.  Associates serve as non-voting members of the committee and generally serve for one-year terms while full members serve for two+ years.  The Selectmen would like to encourage people to volunteer in the community, whether it is their first time or they are seasoned volunteers. 


The Selectmen and Town Manager's Offices keep applications on file of people interested in being considered for appointment.  When openings on existing committees occur, or when new committees are being developed, applicants are contacted to determine continued interest.  The Application Form is available on the Town's website, and at the Selectmen's Office or the Town Manager's Office. Applications are collected centrally and will be made available to the appointing authority, which varies by committee. 

Please include information on your application that will make it possible to identify both your interests and your talents; for example, your professional and/or educational background; job history and responsibilities; community, civic, religious, cultural, service, athletic or other activities; and your name, address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.  Let us know if your interests are limited to a specific field or committee or board.   Attaching your resume is requested and helpful.

Frequently, the Selectmen turn to the chairs of committees for their recommendations on filling vacancies.  If you are interested in a specific committee, you are encouraged to attend the committee's meetings and introduce yourself to the Chair.  All committee meetings are open to the public and are posted on-line, in the Lexington Minuteman, in the Police Station lobby and outside the Town Clerk's office on the first floor of the Town Office Building, at least 48 hours in advance.  Names of chairs are available from the Town Clerk, Selectmen's Office, and the Town Manager's Office. 

Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts