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Welcome to the online home of the Town of Lexington Budget.

The budget process is one of the most cumbersome yet important tasks that the community faces annually. Prioritizing what is distributed where affects everyone within the community, and it is important that everyone feels enfranchised in an open and collaborative process.

(Note: Many files found in the Budget Information section require Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5.0 or higher. You may download the most recent version from their website.)

FY2017 Budget Information

Financial Summit I - October 8, 2015

Indicator Analysis and FY17-FY19 Revenue and Expense Projections (PDF)

Superintendent's Presentation (PDF)

Financial Summit II - November 12, 2015

FY2017 Revenue Projections

Town Manager's Presentation




FY2016 Budget Information

Financial Summit I - October 8, 2014
Indicator Analysis and FY16-FY18 Projection of Revenues and Expenses (PDF)

Financial Summit II - Nov. 10, 2014
Summit Agenda
Town Manager's Presentation
FY15 Property Value Changes
Master Plan Phase 2 - Elementary Schools

Financial Summit III - Dec. 11, 2014
Town Manager's Presentation

Open Money Articles Report - March, 2015

FY2016 Recommended Budget and Financing Plan (Total Budget)

FY2016 Recommended Budget and Financing Plan by Sections

Report of the Town Manager

Section I: Overview

Section II: Revenues

Section III: Education

Section IV:  Shared Expenses

Section V:  DPW

Section VI:  Public Safety

Section VII:  Culture, Recreation and Community Programs

Section VIII:  Human Services

Section IX:  Office of Land Use, Inspectional Services and Economic Development 

Section X:  General Government

Section XI:  Capital

Section XII:  Appendices (Revised April 6, 2015

FY2017 Budget Calendar

August 2015
Issuance of Capital and Operating Budget

October 2015
Summit I
- Financial Indicators &
 Projections -October 8th
Discuss Budget Guidelines and Drivers
Town Manager Review of Capital Budget

November 2015
Summit II
- Revenue Projection November 12th


December 2014
Municipal Budget Workshops with
School Committee Hearings on Budget
Summit III - Revenue Allocation -
Date TBD

January 2016
Submittal of FY2017 Superintendent's
 Recommended Budget to SC 
Submittal of FY 2017 Manager's
 Recommended Budget to BOS 
Summit IV - Review of FY2017 Town
 Manager's Preliminary Budget

February 2016
Summit V - Comment and Budget
Board of Selectmen Vote on the FY2017
 Recommended Budget
Budget Decisions and Deliberations

FY2017 Recommended Budget submitted
 to Town Meeting

March 2016
Municipal Election
Town Meeting Commences
Budget Presentations by Town Manager  and Superintendent 
Town Meeting Begins Budget



Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts