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Lexington, Massachusetts
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Commercial Permits and Licenses

The Town of Lexington welcomes your business and strives to make the process of doing business within the Town as simple as possible.The particulars of your site, use and business needs will determine the specific permits you need. This page provides a list of pertinent permits and licenses that you may need. For answers to questions and assistance with the permitting and licensing process, please email Melisa Tintocalis or call (781) 698-4567.

Construction Permits: If you're planning on refurbishing an existing building or creating a new one, chances are you'll need to file the necessary permits with the Building Division.

Food Services: If you're planning on serving food in Lexington, whether in a restaurant or not (even if it's only a one time event), you'll need to visit the Health Department.

Commercial / Industrial Activities: Waste Disposal, DNA research and Well construction will need permits available in the Health Department.

Wetlands Permit: If your project requires construction near a wetland, stream or flood plain you will need to file a Request for determination with the Conservation Division.

Doing Business As certificate: If you are conducting business in Lexington under any title other than the legal name of the business, whether individually or in a partnership, you need to file a Business Certificate.

Sign Permit:  It is likely your business will require a sign. All exterior signs require a Sign Permit. To maintain compatibility with the building and the character of the area the Town has outlined regulations for commercial signs in the Zoning Bylaw. It is possible your site is also subject to review by the Historic District Commission or Planning Board. Here are some common permits and licenses that you may need:


Permit Name Department Fee
Doing Business Certificate Town Clerk $25
Certificate of Occupancy/Use Building Department $50
Food Plan Review Application Health Division $190
Food Permit Health Division TBD
rDNA Registration Health Division $200
rDNA Permit Health Division $500
Lodging/Innkeeper License Board of Selectman $25
Liquor Permits Board of Selectman $35001
Limousine (Livery) License Board of Selectman $302
Theater License Board of Selectman $605
Tobacco Sales License Health Division $200
Vehicle Sales License Board of Selectman $253
Appeals Hearing Application Board of Appeals $200
Electrical Permit Building Department $30**
Gas Fitting Permit Building Department $30*
Mechanical Permit Building Department $30*
Plumbing Permit Building Department $30*
Flammable Storage Board of Selectmen $100
Flammable Storage Registration Town Clerk $65
Sign Permit Building Department $6 4

¹$3,500 for a restaurant or inn, $2,000 for a package store, or $400 for a club

²Per vehicle 

3Must show proof of $25,000 bond

4 $6 per $100 of sign value

**$25 per $1,000 of valuation up to the first $10,000 valuation. $10 per $1,000 of valuation over $10,000. Minimum charge is $30.

*Each additional fixture, appliance, or device is $7. Each sprinkler head is $2 with a minimum of $30.

Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts
Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts Lexington, Massachusetts